We have just recently sold our home in Florida.  A family of 5 has moved in and I am sure they are enjoying the pool and warm weather in Florida.  We have moved to Houston, TX which is a nice place.  Thankfully we take walks around the local park.  I am licensed in CA, NV  and Florida.  I still sell Medicare Supplement plans and prescription drug, dental and vision plans.

You Can't Take It With You

There is an Irish saying that goes something like "You never see a chest (of things) behind a hearse."  I try to remind myself of this as I go through my things and decide what to ship 3,000 miles.  We have leased a small 1,100 square foot apartment in the city of San Jose, CA.  

We had a Pod delivered last week, and my husband and I boxed up about 40 boxes and placed them in the Pod.  We're taking all of our dishes, baking dishes, pots and pans, but getting rid of the Christmas dishes that were handed down from my mother-in-law, may she rest in peace.  We're also selling our oak dining room table that with two leafs inserted can sit 12 people.  It won't fit in our apartment's eat-in dining area that will seat at most three people. 

Our Small Dining Area

We are also selling our bedroom furniture that is almost 30 years old.  Originally from the Philadelphia area, we purchased a beautiful early American looking bedroom set when we got married, with a four poster bed, a chest of drawers, a bureau with a tri-fold mirror and two nightstands.  The bedroom furniture is being sold at an estate auction tomorrow, as is the furniture in the rest of the house. It was much more upsetting to me while I was in the house, and packing things up in the Florida summer sun, than it is now that I have moved with a few of my belonging 3,000 miles across the country.  

Shortly before I moved, I put down our 16 year old dog, as he was just old and miserable.  He certainly would not have made the trip.  I looked into having our dog fly by air, having a pet transportation company pick him up and transport by car, as well as transporting him myself.  Not having a dog around was miserable the first week, but moving to a new location has certainly helped with grieving an old and loved dog.  

So, onto the new apartment in San Jose, California!  It is in a cool, urban environment - which means very noisy at times.  We had the window in our bedroom open last weekend, and we heard a hammer hitting something hard last weekend at 6:30 on a Saturday morning.  They are building a casino and hotel/office space across the street, so it can definitely be noisy.  Not only that, but the light rail stop is right below our window, with "ding, ding, ding" every 30 minutes.

Let me know if you have downsized or made a major move in your life.  So far, I am enjoying getting to know my new city, but I wish the Pod that we stuffed with our boxes of our things would be delivered sooner.  I did receive my car yesterday, which is great.  Getting around town, though, is a whole different experience than living on an island in Florida.  Good thing I have a car that can accelerate quickly when I need to, especially when I either miss an exit or if I have to turn around.  


Eight months later and I still have to use my phone to get me places.  There are highways everywhere here, and the traffic is insane. 

***Update as of 2/27/19***

We moved to a downtown apartment to be closer to the restaurants and clubs that we like to frequent on the weekends.  I still have not adjusted to the cooler temperatures of Northern California - nor the insane prices for absolutely everything.  My business is looking up though, so that keeps me busy. 

***Update as of 7/27/20  Our house in Florida is still ours as we have had tenants in there for the last two years.  They are leaving in a few days (their lease was up and they are relocating to a different state.)  We are in the same building in CA but a few weeks ago we moved to a higher floor to get away from some noisy neighbors who had moved in above us.  It's noisy in a different way - we can still hear the motorcycles and street noise on the main street.  We have some short vacation trips planned in the next month or so - hopefully to relieve some stress.  

The pandemic has greatly restricted everyone's fun and we are not alone.  My husband has been working from home for the last few months, and I have been dealing with some physical issues not related to Covid 19.  It's been stressful as we have no way to de-stress - the pool is closed, the gym is closed, they poured cement into the hot tub.  They took all of the chairs out of the common areas near the barbeques.  Hopefully this pandemic passes soon and we can get back to regular living.

Thanks for reading!

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