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Telemedicine during Coronavirus - Covid 19

Telemedicine - setting up a telephone appointment with your doctor is an excellent way to shelter in place, as well as allay any fears you have about potential symptoms from the Coronavirus.  Many of the insurance companies have set up policies where telemedicine is low to no cost.  

Also, many insurance companies are waiving any fees, copays, deductibles, and coinsurance for any visits and/or tests associated with the Covid 19.  Excellent news for the most fragile demographic and the hardest hit demographic in this worldwide pandemic - those people age 65 and over.  

It's a stressful time for all of us as none of us can do any of the things that were commonplace just a few weeks ago.  Things like going out to dinner. meeting friends for lunch, taking a walk down the street and not have to worry about maintaining a six foot distance between you and any other stranger.  Sports are no longer on television, an you are not allowed to convene with 50,000 other screaming fans at a sports complex.  

If you are age 65 and older, please take the shelter in place order seriously.  This virus has hit the over 65 demographic at an alarming rate.  If you have heart disease, diabetes, are overweight and have any other serious health conditions please stay indoors.  There are many different stores that will deliver groceries right to your door and many of them are now delivering toilet paper.  Not only food stores are delivering, but many of the restaurants in your area are delivering meals as well.  

Regarding telemedicine - I have used it myself with my own primary care physician for some clarification on a small issue I was having.  It was very helpful, and I used video conferencing to explain my situation.  If you do not have experience with video conferencing, the doctor will be happy to just give you a call and discuss any symptoms or concerns you may be having.  

Let all hope and pray that doctors and immunologists find a treatment, and hopefully a vaccine to combat this virus.  Who will be the next Marie Curie or Jonas Salk.  I have always been interested in visionaries who do not succumb to fear and are willing to look into solving a crisis rather than fanning the flames.  Jonas Salk created the vaccine for the polio virus that ran rampant throughout society in the early 20th century.  If polio can be cured, certainly with all of the blazing fast computing power that is available today that some ardent researcher will be able to find a cure and deploy it rapidly in society.  

Stay safe and healthy everyone and certainly call me with any questions about your health plan.  



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