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Shingles Vaccine

It has been recommended by many doctors that getting a shingles vaccine will help to prevent you from getting shingles.  Medicare, and therefore all insurance plans that cover Medicare, cover the shingles vaccine.  Ask me how to get this for free!  

Turning Age 65

So you are turning age 65 and you have been receiving all kinds of mail from the government, insurance companies, and agents advising you that you need to enroll in a Medicare plan.  Which one do you choose?  How did you get to be age 65 so quickly!?  

Medicare Open Enrollment

It is almost time for the open enrollment period for Medicare plans, but did you know that any time you move you should check to make sure that your insurance company has a plan in the new area that you are moving to?  Insurance companies call these "service areas" - meaning that a group of doctors and hospitals that are in one part of the state or region but not be within driving distance for you once you move.

Any time you move you should ask your agent or insurance company if there are any issues with your access to doctors and hospitals, as well as pharmacies.  

Many people on Medicare move for all kinds of reasons.  Retirement, moving to be close to grandchildren, downsizing, warmer (or colder!) climate, job changes - or even a sense of adventure.  You definitely want to contact me and 

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