My husband and I have owned this home for 15 years, and it is now time to sell.  It's a large four bedroom, two and a half baths, with a pool that needs maintenance.  In fact, the whole home has needed constant maintenance and upgrades over the years, especially as we live in Florida.

My husband has accepted a job in the Silicon Valley in California.  He went out there last week to get settled, and to try to establish a routine taking into account the three hour time difference between California and Florida.  I am still here in Florida handling the remaining packing and coordinating with contractors for upgrades/fixes.  

You Can't Take It With You

There is an Irish saying that goes something like "You never see a chest (of things) behind a hearse."  I try to remind myself of this as I go through my things and decide what to ship 3,000 miles.  We have leased a small 1,100 square foot apartment in the city of San Jose, CA.  

We had a Pod delivered last week, and my husband and I boxed up about 40 boxes and placed them in the Pod.  We're taking all of our dishes, baking dishes, pots and pans, but getting rid of the Christmas dishes that were handed down from my mother-in-law, may she rest in peace.  We're also selling our oak dining room table that with two leafs inserted can sit 12 people.  It won't fit in our apartment's eat-in dining area that will seat at most three people. 

Our Small Dining Area

We are also selling our bedroom furniture that is almost 30 years old.  Originally from the Philadelphia area, we purchased a beautiful early American looking bedroom set when we got married.  with a four poster bed, a chest of drawers, a bureau with a tri-fold mirror and two nightstands. 


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