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Sand Dollar Insurance is contracted with 10 different insurance carriers for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug plans

Welcome to Sand Dollar Insurance, an informative website on Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans, in addition to Prescription Drug plans.

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Welcome to Sand Dollar Insurance Consulting

Sand Dollar Insurance Consulting provides information and quotes for all of the major insurance carriers for Medicare health insurance.  If you don't know the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans - no need to worry, because I do!  My name is Linda Dolente, President of Sand Dollar Insurance Consulting, and I have numerous certifications in selling for Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans, in addition to Prescription Drug plans.

Special Enrollment Periods

If you have recently moved, or have started to receive low income assistance, or are on Medicaid and Medicare - contact us to see if your special situation allows you to add/change plans throughout the year.  Otherwise, the regular open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans is from October 15- December 7 of each year.  However, you may enroll in a Medicare Supplement all year long!  Contact us with any questions.

Medicare Changes

Here is where I will post updates to Medicare and update you with any news.  With a new administrator for CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) there are sure to be new rules, hopefully to aid seniors in the coming years.


ACA (Obamacare) Insurance

Obamacare is up in the air as the new President takes office and is taking square aim at the "Affordable Care Act."  Have you been able to keep your own doctor?  Are your costs lower than before?  Here is where we take stock of where the ACA is, and update you on any new proposals and legislation being passed.  


Senior Issues

Is 70 the new 50?  Americans are living longer, medicine is changing, and pharmaceutical companies are coming out with new drugs.  All issues related to senior living may be found here.


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